Apple Mac Support

Get support for your Mac in Euroa.

Slow Mac? - Is your Mac running slow? It may mean you have filled your hard drive or need more RAM.

Backups - Do you regularly backup your data? Do you use Apple's Time Machine software? Do you have a backup off-site? Help here may save many hours of frustration if you lose your photos or other digital files.

Photos - Do you need help organising all those photos you have taken in recent years? 

Photoshop - Mac-Access can provide lessons in this industry standard photo application from Adobe.

OSX Upgrades - does your Mac need to be upgraded to the latest operating system, macOSX Mojave (10.14) ?

Learning your Mac - Do you have a new Mac? Do you need help with the general use of your computer. The Operating System (macOSX) email and the web?

Your Apple Ecosystem - Do you need some help synchronising your iPhone and iPad with your Mac?

Viruses & Security - are you unsure of the security issues with your computer.

Printers & Scanners - problems connecting your printer or scanner?

Passwords - Do you use the same password all the time? Are your passwords secure and where do you store them?

iDevices - Thinking about upgrading to an iPhone or buying an iPad?