Exhibition April 2016

The 3 tri-panel prints are a collaboration between two artists, Peter Ward, a photographer and Sari Wawn, a writer. 

A number of years ago Sari and Peter collaborated on another project involving visits to the Gooram Falls. In this small project they decided to combine again for a number of images Peter had put together as tri-panels, two based on the local area and one from a visit made to the Castlemaine goldfields.   

Sari is a former resident of Terip Terip and was involved in a number of writing workshops and events in Euroa. She now resides in North Melbourne with her partner Bernie. 

#1 Polly McQuinns - Tri Panel  
$280 73x57 cm

#2 Gooram Falls - Tri Panel
$280  73x57 cm


#3 Castlemaine Market Building - Tri Panel   
$280  73x57 cm


Thanks to the Artspace Sub-Committee at the Euroa Library for their work in promoting local artists and displaying their work in the Library spaces.

Also many thanks to Sari Wawn for allowing me to use her creative work in a flexible manner that allows the combination of words and images to work together. I have printed Sari's complete piece below which she composed after visiting Gooram Falls. Sari kindly collaborated recently at very short notice to enable me to add the Castlemaine Market Building to this exhibition. This has sparked the idea that we may continue with the stone buildings concept based on the area where Sari now lives in North Melbourne. 

Peter Ward, April 2016


At Gooram Falls
In this place water collects
in the warm curves and hollows of rock
as it contemplates its
ever changing future
then it disperses and shatters
into crystals of pure light
before it journeys out onto the plains
not knowing when or how it will return
in those moments of apparent stillness
we observe along the bank fragments
and scraps of thought
of other moments that rode high
before being snagged on
some tree or twig or reed
in this profound silence

the wisdom that spans
unimaginable infinite time
lie the texts written
once for all in the hearts
and the minds of its people
You may not see any of this
so listen and remember
This is the story
This is Taungurong country

Sari Wawn 2007