I was asked by the Pellicano Group, who manage the Euroa Service Centre, to provide a local image for a large mural to be installed at the centre. Initially I worked at taking some new images of the parkland on the Seven Creeks, but being winter it was difficult to come up with an image that would promote the best the area could provide. I had to delve into the archives and come up with something more appropriate. Eventually management agreed that a digitally hand-painted version of the Seven Creeks Park in Autumn would fit the bill. (see main header).

The original image taken in the autumn a few years ago.

The image was printed by Icon Creations using a product called Self-Adhesive Vinyl (SAV). Seven separate sections of the image was printed making up a total length of 7.1 metres. (below)

The image was hand painted digitally using software called Painter 12 and a Wacom tablet. Part of the challenge with this project was the size. I had to first increase the resolution of the image so it could be printed successfully at the full size of 7.1m x 2.4m. The image resolution was increased incrementally using Photoshop until I arrived at the full sized image at a resolution of 150 dpi. This resulted in a massive file of 3.8 Gb! (Inset above shows section taken out below printed at full size) 

The second challenge was to 'paint' or cover all parts of the large image with brush strokes so none of the original photo image was visible. This took quite a few hours of work and there are a few bits that did escape the attention of the digital brush. The image above is a section taken out of the full sized image and this is how it looks close up to a visitor at the service centre.

The mural at the service centre. Unfortunately for the mural, a full row of tables and chairs have been fixed to the floor in front since this photo was taken. I guess that's handy for any weary travellers visiting McDonalds :-)