A Day with Steve Parish

Steve was in Victoria to open a Youth Photo Competition in Euroa and visit Healsville for his annual Secondary School Workshops. As one of 4 judges for the Youth Photo Competition I was invited to the presentations on Thursday 11th Oct. and attended a full day workshop with Steve. It was a great experience to be involved along with about 30 other enthusiastic photographers ranging from ages of 16 to 80. It was a pretty full day but Steve entertained us with a life experience of taking photos, stories and lots of good advice re. taking your photography to a commercial level. Highly recommended. We enjoyed the venue as well, being located in the Tuscan-like surrounds of the Euroa Butter Factory in spring.

Mark Jesser, one of Euroa's enterprising and up-and-coming photographers (who began the concept of the Youth Photo Competition last year) invited Steve on a tour of Gooram Falls, which he gladly accepted. Mark invited myself, a photographer friend, Chris Cope (Chris Cope Images) and Elissa Jayne (in2ishon photography) and her daughter Nikita to join him. After a slow start via Alberts we arrived at the Falls in a mixture of direct and diffused light. Ideal for photography. After consuming more than a reasonable amount of megabytes on our SD cards, we moved on to Mt Wombat where macro photography was the main focus. We saw 4 species of orchids flowering which Steve enjoyed photographing. We had our local native orchid experts (Tony and Helen) to find and verify the plants; Maroon Hoods, Mountain Greenhoods, Common Bird Orchids and the Small Spider Orchid (Caledenia para). 

It was great to have the opportunity to spend the day taking photos with Steve and show him some of the Strathbogies, something which he seemed to enjoy. We look forward to him returning next year to Euroa.

Diffused light - Gooram Falls (photo: Mark Jesser using a Canon!)

Mark and Steve

Mountain Greenhood (Can you see it?)