HDR and Real Estate Photography

I have been working in real estate as a photographer for nearly 4 years now and have learnt a lot in that time, thanks to my principal employer Di Andary at Perfect Choice Euroa. At about the time I began I was experimenting with High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography and found this technique very useful for taking indoor and twilight shots of properties for sale. As I will demonstrate later, you can take HDR to extremes with software such as Photomatix Pro, but used with a more conservative approach the images bring to the viewer a more realistic view of what our own eyes see. HDR has the ability to overcome blown-out highlights so common with indoor photos. See some HDR shots in my Residential Photography Gallery

Twilight real estate photography is popular today, especially when a property has a well designed blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces to highlight. To caputure the lifestyle this can provide, HDR Twilight comes into its own. Recently I photographed a riverside property in Benalla. Compare the afternoon shot and the same scene photographed using HDR at twilight (about 8pm in October).


Afternoon RAW File


Twilight HDR


HDR - Photomatix Pro (Painterly 4 filter) Weird eh?

 Now for something really wierd! A HDR when I moved the tripod before the last exposure was finished!