Landscapes and Orchids - SW of Western Australia

As noted in my previous blog, I was fortunate enough to be invited on a trip to WA with the main aim to take photos. A long-time friend, Rick, caravanned to Perth with his wife Sue to visit their daughter for her 30th birthday. Sue returned to work in late July and I joined Rick for the journey home at Albany after a plane, train and bus trip from Victoria. Rick is a keen photographer and has been carting a digital Hasselblad about the country for the past few years. He concentrates mainly on landscapes, but like me, loves to find and photograph the occasional terestial orchid in the bush. Rick is developing a website with many great shots from the Hasselblad. Hopefully we will see his site on the Net soon. Check out some of my orchid photos (mainly with the Canon 100mm f2.8 macro lens), and the various landscapes with the aid of some Photomatix Pro HDR variations in my Photo Galleries.

Since meeting up with Rick in Albany on the 7th August I travelled 5440km to get back home and stayed in the caravan 24 nights, along the WA coast, southern wheatbelt, Nullarbor and South Australia. Overall I kept about 6000 photos (that's a lot of film) and deleted many as well.