Digital Painting (revisited)

Time for a new mini challenge. It was 2004 when I first published a CD sized calendar based on images around Euroa. Using a program called Corel Painter, I 'painted' over photographs on the computer with the aid of a Wacom graphics tablet and pressure stylus. Recently I purchased a new version of the software, Painter 12, and was pleased to see it worked with the same Wacom tablet. I purchased some online training from the Virtual Training Company to better understand the software.

Painter 12 is an amazing program that can digitally simulate all types of media and surfaces. You can begin with a white canvas and apply paint, pencil, crayon with a choice of over 700 different brush types. My preference is to use the Cloner brushes which pick up the colour from a photo which simulates the re-application of the colour with a brushed-on texture and feel. 

The results on screen always look better than the printed versions which lack the dynamic colour displayed on the back-lit monitor and the texture of a real oil painting. I experimented with running a roll of Inkjet Pro canvas through my Epson R3000 printer and found the results to be surprisingly good. Vibrant colour with the added texture of the canvas. My aim is to exhibit a number of these paintings at the HiArts Art Exhibition at Highlands (deep in the Strathbogies) in March. 

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Craig's Hut (Man from Snowy River hut) Mt Stirling near Mansfield.