'Aperture Priority' Digital Images by Rick Broadway - now online

Its great to see my friend Rick's website online after a lot of work from himself and his web-designer, Andreas. Rick has travelled extensively throughout Australia capturing his vision of our great landscape with his Hasselblad H4D50. The results are stunning as seen on his site: Aperture Priority. They are even better 'in the real' as I have seen them regularly roll off his large format Epson printer over the last couple of years. Rick prints and frames all his work and attention to detail and quality of materials used is second to none. Check out his limited edition series.

All individual components and framing techniques used, whether Limited Edition or Open Edition prints, meet as a minimum requirement, Category 4 (Conservation) framing standards as defined by the PFGA - Picture Framing Guild of Australia. 

I caught Rick on my Canon with his Hasselblad at Two Peoples Bay, in WA last year.