Light Painting with steel wool

The Euroa Photographers planned a night at the local park to try some 'light painting' techniques. Mike planned the night and was armed with all the gear for lighting up the night sky. He did a bit of research on the activity and put in a practice night with his new Canon 6D a few nights before. 

Canon EOS 5D MkIII mounted on tripod.  ISO 200  f7.1  13 sec 

Mike walked across the footbridge near the Rotary BBQ swinging a burning steel wool and then stopped and kept swinging until the steel wool extinguished. The sparks flying off the burning mass create the light pattern. Note that some sparkes have bounced off the bridge and concrete blocks near water level. We have used the reflection to double the effect. We had plenty of rain recently so the fire danger was very low fortunately :-) 

With a bit of HDR treatment.