Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite Beta

Currently I am Beta testing the next Mac operating system (OSX Yosemite) which is due to be released in October. Its the first time an OSX Beta has been released to the public since  about 2000 by Apple. Its was an interesting exercise being part of this testing program (Apple asked 1 million volunteers to be involved.) Yosemite was first announced at the Apple WWDC in June and all indications it will be an impressive next step in the OS with many features making it work much better with iPhones and iPads. However although the Beta has been running nearly 100% successfully on my MacBook Pro its apprearance does not seem to generate much excitement when I show it to other Mac users. Maybe its real strength will emerge when it comes onstream and we can experiece it working togerther with iOS8. I like the new look and working with it.