Exhibition August 17 - September 13 2013

The Fringe Program is an open-entry, city-wide presentation of 98 shows staged within 70 venues, including  galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites.

The BIFB’13 Fringe Program provides a stage for photographers of all levels to present their talents to the broadest possible audience, and to show along side of, and to learn from, and to be inspired by, some of the best photographic talent from around the world.

#1 Sweet Decadence at The Gallery  $350 73x57 cm 

There is a lot of detail in this print. The shop facade, the furniture inside the cafe and the multiple reflections of the cars and movie theatre opposite. Here you will see the detail you may have missed when visiting for a coffee in the daytime, mixed with the colours of a fun night out at the movies.

#2 Back Shadows - Old Library Building  $350  73x57 cm

This is the 'hero' shot for the exhibition, as it shows how the high dynamic range process using multiple bracketed images taken at dusk or dawn, can produce vibrant colours, detail and shadows in a composition that would normally appear quite flat and mundane.

#3 Blue Dawn - Ballarat Town Hall    $350  73x57 cm 

The subdued light of an early overcast morning allows the clock face to glow but the light is also even enough to show clear detail in the Town Hall and the statue honouring Australians who fought in the Boer War.  


#4 Drama at Her Majesty's Theatre  $350  73x57 cm                

At 7.00 am during the cool Ballarat Autumn, there is a touch of colour in the sky from a fading sunrise, and sufficient light for the yellow sodium street lights to have switched off. This provides an even, neutral illumination to contrast the colourful interior lighting of Her Majesty's Theatre.

#5 Curves at Her Majesty's    $150  44x44 cm                           

The lighting in Her Majesty's is usually directed towards the stage. However in this image, I have used the auditorium lighting to evenly illuminate and highlight the detailed carpet and seating in the Dress Circle and Stalls.  One of the many curves in the theatre creates a dominating compositional element.

#6 Stairway to Heaven - Her Majesty's  $150  44x44 cm 

Her Majesty's main theatre is serviced by many staircases of various styles. Here the light from the different doorways and natural light from outside create a range of shadows and changing colours to illuminate the curving banister and compliment the vivid red of the carpet and green of the doors.

#7 Faded Sky - George Hotel   $150  44x44 cm  

The fading evening sky contrasts with the wrought iron facade of the Former Mining Exchange Building. The yellow street light compliments the blues and purples of the sky, as well as throwing some light on the upper decks of the George Hotel to complete the exposure.

#8 Theatre in Reflection - Lydiard Street  $150  44x44 cm  

On studying this photograph you will see the many layers of lighting that created it; from the table, chairs and cafe floor, cars parked on both sides of Lydiard street, tail lights passing by and the bright Regent Theatre opposite. Look closely and you may spot the reflection the photographer's tripod in the window. 

#9 Blue Gold Over Lydiard Street South  $490  73x73 cm                          

A burst of golden colour from a Ballarat Autumn sunset forms the background of this image. However, it is the soft and fading blue light that illuminates this streetscape and creates a subtle range of colours in the buildings. The detail of the foreground objects add to this busy composition looking across the Sturt Street intersection.

#10 Unrevealed - Ballarat Railway Station  $350  73x57 cm

One of my favourite HDR images from Ballarat. The wooden ceiling of the Main Hall or waiting room at the Ballarat Railway Station is unlikely to be noticed when rushing to catch a train. However, the strong yellow cast of the incandescent lighting gives the woodwork a golden touch and the blue in the skylight filters through from the fading daylight.

#11 Sodium and Gold - Lydiard Street North  $350  73x57 cm

Sodium (yellow) street lighting often overpowers an evening street scene, but proves to be ideal for  illuminating the Gold Shop in Lydiard Street. It is bathed in a golden light and the brighter undercover lighting provides a pleasing contrast for the intricate wrought iron work on the veranda.

#12 Keeping Time - Ballarat Town Hall  $280 57x 57 cm

The fading light of the sunset on the clock tower compliments the azure blue background of the sky. This dominating structure takes its place proudly in the Ballarat cityscape. The HDR technique highlights the detail in this impressive example of Classic Second Empire style architecture.

#13 New South and the Mining Exchange  $280 57x 57 cm

The strong, modern style of the Ballarat University building (New South) juxtaposes the rounded roof and clerestory windows of the Former Mining Exchange Building nearby. With fading evening light perfectly matching the internal lighting of both buildings, a striking balance of exposure is created.

#14 Iron Silhouettes - Mining Exchange   $280 57x 57 cm           

A mix of twilight through the windows, and internal lighting at the Former Mining Exchange Building, create complex shadows cast by the bow-fronted cast iron balcony which overlooks its main hall. The wide depth of field of a 17 mm wide angle lens and the HDR technique, combine to create a sharp, detailed image.

#15 Steps and Rails - Ballarat Station    $280  57x 57 cm             

The Ballarat Railway Station combines a complex mix of curves, arches and straight lines, illuminated by long skylights and a variety of internal and external lighting. The HDR process highlights the warmth and colour found inside this historic Ballarat landmark.


1. Many thanks go to Rick and Sue Broadway at 212M Gallery, wonderful friends who encouraged me to enter the Biennale and provide accommodation and ongoing support while photographing in Ballarat. Thanks also to Rick for the high quality archival framing used for this exhibition. 

2. To Graeme Russell and Jo Kruse and the staff at Her Majesty's who took us on and who have been very helpful and supportive in providing such a great venue in The Long Room at the theatre. Also thanks to Graeme for allowing us to photograph inside the theatre in April.

3. To the Biennale organisers and Pam Verwey and the Fringe Team (mostly volunteers) who make these opportunities available.

4. Last but not least, Jenny my sister, AKA the 'Exhibitionista' who is always there for good company, advice and completing important tasks. Without whom the fun and quality of presentation for this exhibition would not have occurred.   

Peter (Aug. 2013)


1. The Show

Peter’s images blur the boundary between reality and illusion. He aims to accurately capture the full tonal detail found in Ballarat’s streetscapes, but also to challenge the viewer’s sense of reality with his bold creative HDR style.

2. Artist

Peter has had a passion for images since he was a small boy. He is also mad about his Mac and has 15 years experience combining digital photography and digital design in his work and tutoring in his hometown Euroa and surrounding centres.

3. Technique /Technical 

The images have been created using a technique to increase the dynamic range of the scene.  A digital SLR is mounted on a tripod to capture three bracketed exposures which are then combined into a single image using software.

Camera: Canon 5D MkIII 

Lenses: EF17-40 mm f4 L and EF24-105 mm f4 L lenses, 22 Mp JPEG

Exposures: three bracketed exposures -2.67ev, 0ev, +2.67 ev

Software: Photomatix Pro / Painterly 4 Filter

Printing: Inkjet printer using pigment inks on premium archival photographic paper Epson Photo R3000 and using Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks (Image 9: Epson large format printer)

Paper: Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 (Image 9: Epson traditional photographic paper).

4. Framing

Images are mounted and framed by the photo gallery, 212M, 212 Mair Street, Ballarat, using the conservation standard 'hinging' technique.

Materials: 30mm wide x 20mm deep Contract - black matt painted moulding Bainbridge Alphamat "Artcare" archival quality mount and foam board. Tru Vue conservation clear glass.

5. Orders 

If you love an image and it has already been sold, or you would prefer it in a different size, please contact Peter on:
Mobile: 0431579039
Email: pward@mcmedia.com.au
Web: www.mac-access.com.au