Residential & Real Estate Photography

Photos are an important element of real estate sales. Using a professional photographer can make the difference when marketing or presenting your property.

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Lifestyle Workflow

Our aim is to work in with the agents and vendors to create the best marketing opportunity to promote the sale of a property. We are about providing high quality images that accurately reflect a property and provide potential buyers with images of the lifestyle they are seeking. Buying a home is not always about "getting the best deal" - it's about buying a property that feels like a home.

We can provide tips to ensure your home is ready for the 'shoot'. We work with vendors to ensure the lighting is right, furniture is well positioned and miscellaneous items are removed. To give buyers a good feel we highlight the exterior, kitchen, living areas, main bathroom, special features and any outdoor living areas. Shooting at twilight is becoming increasing popular to highlight the lifestyle that can be created both, inside your home, and in the outdoor living areas.   

Twilight Shoot - near Euroa

Twilight near Euroa

Twilight near Euroa

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Technical Workflow

At Mac-Access our workflow is principally based on Canon and Apple technologies. All our photography is shot with Canon 5Ds (Mark IV and III) and Canon 'L' lenses. Images are shot in both RAW and Jpeg formats and HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques are used frequently in our work. Only natural and house lighting (interior and exterior) are used for all our real estate work. This allows us to take advantage of the ambient (natural and inside) lighting sources at the property and not use any additional flash lighting.

First we take exposure bracketed photos to capture a large exposure range of the scene. This is done using a tripod. The exception to bracketing is when a RAW image is used for use a single-exposure HDR. This often works better outside, especially if it is windy.  A single photo shot on high shutter speed will eliminate blurring in the trees and plants.

We then generate the high dynamic range images using Aurora 2019 HDR software, merging the bracketed photos into a single HDR image that creates sharp, evenly lit and natural looking images.

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Port Fairy Victoria

Port Fairy Victoria

Aperture 3 software is then used to straighten and crop the images to the correct aspect ratio for use on the real estate websites (3x4 and 9x16 aspect ratios).

Printed CDs or DVDs are provided with the final images in both high and medium resolution Jpeg formats.

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